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The Ariaa DAC

The Ariaa DAC

Hailing from the heritage of the Opus Series, the Ariaa could have no better pedigree. Responding to the needs of industry, Stahl~Tek brought on additional audio engineers, who labored under the love of the craft to produce a work of art which matched both their desire for the purest audio as well as a more comfortable price point still within the reach of most audiophiles.

The Ariaa is the result of their endeavor, a product of proven engineering, of certain forms of testing not found within the general industry. As audiophiles, we're proud to present the Ariaa, a product of our labors, based on the technology and skill that brought the world the Opus Series.

The Audiophile Bridge to Computer (A.B.C.)

The A.B.C.

When approaching digital audio, approach it as you would a connoisseur of fine wine. At Stahl~Tek, we approach the A.B.C. in a similar way: as a finely grown and cared-for vintage. Our expectations are high, as yours should be. The A.B.C. streams bit perfect audio data up to 24-bit @ 192kHz, providing a signal clear, and true to its source. The A.B.C. will output true, 24-bit audio files and supports all these sample rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz. Click to read more...

Opus Series

The Opus CDT

The Opus CDT is a beautiful evolution of the transport. Similarly in the development of a limited reserved red wine, where the grapes are chosen from special plots, are handpicked instead of machine harvest, and are aged at longer periods of time in specially selected oak barrels, Stahl~Tek engineers spent countless hours of advanced testing to gain exceptional part tolerances and part matching. In addition and as a result of the countless hours in individual component evaluation, it has been found even with the tightest parts tolerance obtained that variation in part performance can still exist effecting overall performances including ultra-quite noise performance and sonic tonal balance. Therefore, in the production of the Opus Series products, components that are critical to sonic performance, the electronic part screening and matching process also includes audible sonic evaluation utilizing custom in-house testing stations.

The Opus DAC

The Opus Series brings the already high resolution analog-like performance of the Vekian DAC and CDT to a new level of refinement, such as experienced in a limited reserved red wine. Just as the complexities in flavor of the grapes are refined to be more distinguished and more defined in a reserved red wine, the richness, complexity, and fluidity in sonic presentation have been refined to a new level of musical appreciation and enjoyment. Just as that first swirl of wine in one's mouth continues to develop and evolve, so does the musical experience continue to allure and involve the listener in the developing presentation by the Opus DAC and CDT.

Vekian Series

The Vekian CDT

We are proud to introduce the Vekian - CDT, Stahl~Tek's new CD Transport! The Vekian - CDT is a sonically breath-taking beautifully machined CD transport that is perfectly mached to the Vekian - D/A! It is able to deliver amazingly accurate, highly detailed, and luciously rich musical experience! The CD drive uses several types of techniques to enhance the CD servo and laser mechanisms, which are proprietary. In addition, the transport uses an extremely accurate master clock that utilizes special synchronization circuitry for the transport and the Stahl~Tek Vekian D/A via the I2S interface. The output includes I2S Output via the HDMI connector, the Balanced mode AES/EBU, and the SPDIF via the RCA and BNC connectors. The Transport has 2 times and 4 times up-sampling capability on the I2S output.

The Vekian DAC, Featuring I2S

Stahl~Tek continually strives to bring the discerning audiophile ultra-high performing versatile products! We are pleased to announce the addition of the I2S input to the Vekian DAC! The I2S is implemented through a HDMI connector enabling the Vekian to work with some of the latest transports.

If you've not heard the Vekian-DAC yet, we recommend you do. You won't believe your ears!

Other Quality Products

Isoltiaon Cones

The Stahl~Tek Isolation Cones are designed for superior vibration dampening. The cones are precision machined stainless steel with isolation and dampening material built into the cones. The Isolation Cones easily replace the stock feet of the Vekian DAC giving the Vekian DAC greater mechanical dampening. The Isolation Cones will also provide sonic improvements in image stability, improved bass definition, and increased air and decay in high frequency.

Check with your dealer for details!

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