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Stahl~Tek is a high-end electronics company where passion for audio reproduction meets engineering. The company was formed in 2007 with the sole desire to design and build high-end audio components that immerse the listener in the music!

Headed to Rocky Mountain?

We are, too! Come see us in the Lupine Room, Oct 11-13th!


Coming to High-End in Munich? We'll be at Atrium 4.2, Room F226.


Stahl~Tek will be at AXPONA, will you? Drop by and see us in the Dublin room!

Thank you!

The Ariaa DAC received a recommendation for Best of Show from Dagogo's very own Fred Crowder!

From the review: "...The Ariaa DAC is a true balance signal design for maximum dynamics from the digital-to-analog converters all the way to the final output stage like that of the Opus Series DAC. The Ariaa DAC also incorporates newly developed technologies like the multi-threaded multi-core processor for high-speed, bit-perfect USB streaming audio with current sample rates supported to 192kHz at 24-bit resolution. The Ariaa DAC also features a RISC core processor and custom proprietary software that is utilized for sample rate monitoring and master clock frequency control to ensure the highest accurate reconstruction of the digital signal back to pure analog sonic indulgence. For flexibility in audio system integration, the Ariaa DAC features not only onboard button controls and a highly efficient Organic LED Display, but also includes remote control ability of source selection, absolute-phase (parity), volume, mute, and a power stand-by feature..."


May We Present...

Hailing from the heritage of the Opus Series, the Ariaa could have no better pedigree. Responding to the needs of industry, Stahl~Tek brought on additional audio engineers, who labored under the love of the craft to produce a work of art which matched both their desire for the purest audio as well as a more comfortable price point still within the reach of most audiophiles. Read more...

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Check out our Facebook page,, for photos from the RMAF!

One Deal, One Price, Stream at 192kHz

As part of our Digital Audio Promotion, we’ll be offering the Opus DAC, bundled with everything you need to get started with your own music server. See the Details!

Want to Win a Stahl~Tek A.B.C.?

Want to win a Stahl~Tek A.B.C.? Details at Enjoy the Music's High-End Audio Contest!

Back from The High End!

We're back from Munich, and we had a wonderful time. Check out our Facebook for pictures!

Introducing the Stahl~Tek Audiophile Bridge to Computer (A.B.C.)

When approaching digital audio, approach it as you would a connoisseur of fine wine. At Stahl~Tek, we approach the A.B.C. in a similar way: as a finely grown and cared-for vintage. Our expectations are high, as yours should be. The A.B.C. streams bit perfect audio data up to 24-bit @ 192kHz, providing a signal clear, and true to its source. The A.B.C. will output true, 24-bit audio files and supports all these sample rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz. Read more...
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